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Terms and conditions

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  1. By signing up for tour packages organized by Sun la vie, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms of service.
  2. Sun la vie reserves the right to reject any booking and offer the client a refund in full without having to give reasons for the rejection.
  3. The client will be deemed to have familiarized him/herself with tour information appearing on this website. For clarifications or additional information not addressed on this website, please contact Sun la vie directly. No refund or compensation of any form will be granted to a client on the client's plea of lack of information.
  4. All initial booking payments must be at least 50% of the total cost of a tour for which booking is being made. From time to time, however, Sun la vie may, and reserves the right to, prescribe whatever minimum initial deposit as it may, in its absolute discretion, deem expedient.
  5. Whereas Sun la vie will always Endeavour to undertake reasonable measures to ensure clients are not subjected to any form of harm or alarm during a tour, the client signs up for Sun la vie tours at his/her own risk. Neither Sun la vie nor its crew shall at any time be responsible for any form of direct or indirect loss, detriment or injury arising from or suffered during a tour by any client, or suffered directly or indirectly by any person on whose behalf a booking is made. Sun la vie recommends that clients take up travel insurance before embarking on our tours.
  6. The client will be responsible for his/her transport to and from all pre-designated physical locations that will serve as the pick-up point at the beginning of the tour and drop-off point at the end.
  7. To stem logistical losses that may arise from last minute cancellations, Sun la vie shall withhold from a client's payment 100% of the total cost of a tour due from him/her where such client has withdrawn from the tour on the eve of the departure date or on the departure date itself. Cancellations made five days to the eve of the departure date will invite a penalty of 50% of the total tour cost. Cancellations made at any other time, on the other hand, will invite a penalty of twenty five per cent (25%) of the cost of the tour in question.
  8. No form of compensation or refunds shall be offered to any client who, for any reason, is left behind at any point on the tour, or misses out on a tour-related benefit entitled to him/her due to a failure on his/her part to adhere to the tour itinerary at any point.
  9. Sometimes due to unforeseen reasons usually beyond the control of Sun la vie, Sun la vie will occasionally be forced to make adjustments to itineraries. In such cases, Sun la vie will Endeavour to advise its clients within reasonable time of the changes made and explain the reasons thereof.
  10. The client may submit via compact disc, email or other media digital photos related to and taken during a past tour organized by Sun la vie for inclusion in this website. The photos shall be assumed to have been acquired through legal means. Sun la vie shall however not be under any obligation to purchase or display on Sun la any such digital photo(s) submitted to it. Additionally, full ownership and copyrights of submitted photos revert to Sun la vie upon being received by Sun la vie.
  11. Whereas Sun la vie has taken extra care to ensure that its website is hosted by a reputable organization, Sun la vie does not however warrant that the website will be working flawlessly or that it will not suffer any downtimes.
  12. Sun la vie reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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